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Success Stories – One Step at a Time

Sometimes taking one step at a time is the best way to tackle a big task.

We need guidance from our clients, so we know how to code expenses. This task can seem overwhelming for many when you have days, weeks, months, or even years of uncategorized expenses to clarify.

We have a client that came to us with a big project. We are helping her go back a few years to finish her books. Initially, we would send her reports with a month’s worth of expenses but were not receiving any feedback. So this approach was not working.

Our team then decided to send her a smaller amount of unidentified expenses each week. It was, again, breaking this up into smaller pieces accompanied by a phone call to review the expenses with the client. Bingo! This was the exact thing needed to get the ball rolling.

Now, the client can see that progress is being made slowly but surely. She also can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine how great 2018 will be when her books are currently all the time!

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Success Stories – One Step at a Time


Cloud Integration Services

ZümiFi has successfully configured and integrated various online tools in the Cloud for our clients. Some of our most savvy clients often bring us in to assist in researching the ideal tools that can enhance their accounting needs. Best of all, we always bring our passion to keeping it as simple as possible, even for complex installations. “Simple” Cloud integration services also minimize the potential points of failure and ensure that a system design will be sustainable in the long run.


The Scope of ZümiFi’s Cloud Integration Services:

Bring various software solutions together effectively and cost-efficiently.

Integration of complete tools, vast resources, and real-time data access on any device at any time.

For many clients, POS systems, shopping cart integration systems, time tracking, and invoicing systems.

Inventory management systems to streamline your complex, time-consuming tasks.

Enhanced security because the Cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information.

Multi-user access to enable collaboration between ZümiFi and your team.

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