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Mastering Accounting and Bookkeeping: A Zumifi Success Story

In the dynamic world of accounting and bookkeeping, the challenge of accurately coding expenses is a familiar hurdle for many businesses. This task becomes particularly daunting when faced with a backlog of uncategorized expenses spanning days, weeks, or even years. However, at Zumifi, we have developed an innovative approach to tackle this challenge head-on, transforming...

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Unlocking Business Efficiency with Asana: Your Key to Streamlined Collaboration

In the realm of business operations, efficiency reigns supreme. For Zumifi, the pursuit of efficiency is a mission, and they’ve honed their skills over time to elevate their clients’ businesses to new heights. What’s their secret? Well, it’s not a secret anymore. Zumifi is here to unveil some of their favorite tools that have the...

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Set up annual recurring tasks for finance

Set up annual recurring tasks for finance/accounting deadlines Staying on top of finance and accounting deadlines can be challenging, especially regarding recurring annual tasks. To stay organized and ahead of the game, setting up recurring tasks using a task management tool like Asana is recommended. With Asana, you can easily create tasks, reminders, and lists...

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