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Set up annual recurring tasks for finance

Set up annual recurring tasks for finance/accounting deadlines Staying on top of finance and accounting deadlines can be challenging, especially when it comes to recurring annual tasks. To stay organized and ahead of the game, it is recommended to set up recurring tasks using a task management tool like Asana. With Asana, you can easily...

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Cool Tools Asana

At ZümiFi, we have been doing this while and have a few favorite tools to make business and our client’s businesses more efficient. This is a sampling of the tools we like to use to deliver powerful X-ray Vision for our clients.\ Asana is a free task management tool and a web and mobile application...

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Success Stories – One Step at a Time

We need guidance from our clients, so we know how to code expenses. This task can seem overwhelming for many when you have days, weeks, months, or even years of uncategorized expenses to clarify. We have a client that came to us with a big project. We are helping her go back a few years...

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