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Success Stories – Reconciling Two Systems

Zumifi - reconciling so we know it's right!

📚 As bookkeepers, we love to reconcile! We love to find ways to ensure that we have captured everything accurately.

💼 One of our clients is a law firm. They accept retainers that must be held in a separate trust account (IOLTA). They maintain many entries in their billing system, but we check their work regularly. Why? Because they are attorneys and have important things to do beyond tracking all the ins and outs of these monies.

🔍 A recent experience demonstrated that they had forgotten to make several transfers needed. We found this fairly easily – why? Because we check. We check regularly. We compare the systems and know how the monies should flow, making it pretty easy to identify when it doesn’t.

💡 The result? We flagged these errors to the client, who fixed them in a few minutes. Everything balances. Everything is now correct. And we’ll check again in a few days when we work on their account. Why? Because we like to get it right…

🔒 Zumifi – reconciling so we know it’s right.

📚 Bookkeeping is the bread and butter of our business.

🌐 It’s also where we came from, what we love most, and what we’re best at. It wakes us up in the morning and makes us smile when we begin to work! But Bookkeeping in the cloud takes all of that joy a few levels higher by optimizing opportunities to automate data entry and connect the vast universe of various online tools that can synchronize seamlessly with your QuickBooks Online. Zumifi is experienced in understanding each client’s needs, then making custom-designed recommendations that will truly move things forward to deliver great books.

🌟 Success Stories – Reconciling Two Systems

At Zumifi, we take pride in our ability to reconcile multiple systems, ensuring accuracy and financial integrity for our clients. Here’s an example of a success story that highlights our expertise:

  • 📖 Our client, a growing law firm, relied on two separate systems to manage their financials: their billing system and trust account (IOLTA). With numerous transactions flowing through both systems, it became crucial to reconcile them regularly.
  • 🔎 During our routine checks, we discovered several transfers had been overlooked. We quickly identified the discrepancies thanks to our detailed comparison of the two systems. We promptly notified our clients, providing them with a clear understanding of the errors.
  • ⏳ Within minutes, our client rectified the oversight, ensuring that both systems accurately reflected every transaction. Our diligent checks and balances helped them achieve balance and financial accuracy.
  • 💪 This success story is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive bookkeeping services. We don’t just reconcile for the sake of it; we reconcile because we genuinely care about the financial well-being of our clients.

Zumifi is here to ensure that your books are always accurate, balanced, and up to date. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to identify even the smallest discrepancies. Trust us to handle your bookkeeping needs, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.