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Success Stories – Squeaky Clean!

Zumifi - getting it clean so your books tell the truth!

🔍 Here’s a success story from one of our account managers, Jean! 💼 Recently, Jean untangled a messy situation caused by a third-party biller. It turned out that the biller had not been consistently doing their job, failing to process numerous invoices for payment despite being authorized to do so. Our client knew something was amiss but didn’t have the time to resolve it themselves. That’s when they called on Jean!

Jean dived into the issue, conducting thorough research and investigation to identify the root cause of the problems. With her expertise, she pinpointed the areas that needed attention, allowing the client to recoup their money and get their Accounts Receivables back on track and squeaky clean! 🧹💰

At Zumifi, we are dedicated to getting your financials clean and accurate so that your books reflect the truth of your business! 📚💼

Our QuickBooks consulting services are here to assist you, whether you’re still using desktop solutions or transitioning to the cloud. If you’re ready to move to cloud bookkeeping, we can help you with a smooth and efficient migration. Our team has the experience to handle both straightforward and complex migrations, ensuring you enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing and bookkeeping. ☁️💻

📞 Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you!

The Scope of Zumifi’s QuickBooks Consulting Services includes:

✅ Configuring and setting up QuickBooks with best practices for your particular business.

✅ Building customized reports and maximizing the benefits of QuickBooks.

✅ Navigating various features like invoicing, inventory tracking, job costing, reconciling accounts, sales tax calculations, creating purchase orders, payroll management, subcontractors, and more.

✅ Streamlining your accounting processes to save time and increase accuracy.

We are here to make your financial management journey seamless and efficient. Let Zumifi be your partner in achieving success through our expert QuickBooks consulting services! 🚀📊