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Streamlining Workflows for Efficient Bookkeeping: Zumifi’s Success Stories

Establishing smarter workflow procedures saves time, money and gets invoices out faster!

At Zumifi, we understand the importance of establishing efficient workflows to optimize your bookkeeping processes. This blog post will share a success story highlighting the benefits of a well-designed workflow and how Zumifi’s comprehensive bookkeeping services can help you achieve streamlined operations and faster results.

  1. Customized Billing Procedures: One of our clients wanted to ensure his billing was completed and sent out by the 5th of every month. To meet this goal, his dedicated account manager at Zumifi established monthly billing procedures tailored to his needs. This customization allowed for a smoother and more efficient billing process, ensuring invoices were sent out promptly within the desired time frame.

  2. Time Tracking and Review: To accurately capture billable time, the client entered his daily activities in T-Sheets, a time tracking tool. This information was seamlessly transferred to his QuickBooks Online (QBO) account, where it was reviewed and approved. Allowing sufficient time for review and adjustment of time entries ensured billing accuracy and minimized potential errors.

  3. Timely Reports and Invoices: To provide the client ample time for review, his account manager sent him time activity reports a few days before the end of the month. This allowed him to review the entries and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, a smaller report with the remaining entries was sent at the beginning of the month, just before draft invoices were created. By starting the billing process a few days early, the time needed to revise invoices before sending them out was significantly reduced.

  4. The Power of Efficient Workflows: Establishing smarter workflow procedures saves time and improves accuracy and customer satisfaction. By customizing procedures to align with the client’s desired timeline and utilizing tools like T-Sheets and QuickBooks Online, Zumifi created a seamless process that enabled faster invoice generation and reduced the need for extensive revisions. Efficient workflows ultimately contribute to cost savings, improved productivity, and enhanced client relationships.


Efficient workflows are key to successful bookkeeping operations. The success story mentioned above demonstrates the value of establishing tailored procedures that align with specific business goals and using technology to streamline processes. With Zumifi’s comprehensive bookkeeping services, you can leverage our expertise in creating efficient workflows, optimizing tools like QuickBooks Online, and delivering real-time accurate financial reports.

Contact Zumifi today to learn how we can customize our bookkeeping services to meet your business needs. Let us help you enhance your workflows, save time and money, and provide the focused financial support you need to take your business to the next level.

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