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Cool Tools – Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are an easy way to organize information. You can use them in either Excel or Google Sheets if that’s your thing. What we love about pivot tables is that you can create them to pull data, and they will automatically update totals or summaries when the data changes! Voila! We use this for...

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Cool Tools – Excel Function CTRL + Arrows

Are you scrolling through an Excel spreadsheet to get to the bottom (or back to the top)? Stop! There is a faster, better way. Instead, hit CTRL + the appropriate arrow key. This shortcut will take you straight to the end or the top of the data. Of course, if there are gaps in the...

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Cool Tools – Excel Charts

Yet, another reason to love Excel! Excel Charts help users interpret data visually. Many of us are visual learners, and putting report data into a Chart format makes it easier to see the story the numbers tell. Select and highlight your cells in Excel that have the data you want to see reported, and press...

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Cool Tools – Excel – LastPass Authenticator

Protect every password in your business. Every password is an entryway to your business, and LastPass makes it easy to secure. LastPass’s two-factor authentication is awesome. LastPass now offers a new level of security to its website. With the identity authenticator, LastPass requires you to verify your identity with the LastPass Authenticator app from your...

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Cool Tools – Excel Concatenate

Cleaning up spreadsheets might not be in your job description, but it’s a common task for most financial managers. Use Excel’s handy concatenate function to optimize databases by joining character strings in destination cells. Excel’s concatenate function is designed to combine character strings from several cells in another destination cell. For example, you might have...

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Cool Tools – Excel

Excel is a Bookkeeper/Accountants friend. We love Excel because we can import and export numbers within QBO. This is extremely helpful when reviewing numbers. In addition, we can export information without affecting your books. Excel can also help us move many transactions at once into your QBO. Maybe, giant financial models aren’t your thing. We...

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