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Why We’re All About Gusto: A Payroll Solution That Stands By Small Businesses

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At first glance, Gusto is a user-friendly, feature-rich payroll platform favorite among small businesses. But when the going gets tough, as during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gusto stepped up in ways that genuinely impressed us. Here’s why our love for Gusto has deepened, and we think it’s an invaluable resource for small businesses.

Quick Adaptation and Communication

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the regulations and guidelines changed rapidly. Gusto didn’t just adapt to these changes; they led the charge. They immediately developed reports to assist businesses in calculating their average monthly payroll costs, helping clients navigate confusing times. Moreover, they didn’t keep this resource a secret; they communicated these updates actively, ensuring their clients were as informed as possible.

A Valuable Information Resource

Gusto further identified SBA lenders accepting Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications. This information was critical for many small businesses and was another example of how Gusto stayed ahead of the curve to meet their clients’ needs. Their ongoing updates and resources continue to make them one of the most reliable sources of information we’ve come across.

Customer-Centric Discounts

In a time of uncertainty, Gusto also decided to extend a helping hand through discounts. They offered a 50% discount to new customers for their first six months, directly addressing the financial strains many businesses faced. While some may argue this is self-serving, it’s an action that speaks to their commitment to supporting their customer base. Wouldn’t it be nice if other big players, like QuickBooks, took a page from Gusto’s book?

A Payroll Solution That Stands By Small Businesses

Gusto stands out in small business tools and services for its capabilities and client commitment. Their quick adaptation to regulatory changes, proactive communication, and customer-centric focus during challenging times make them reliable partners.

If you haven’t considered Gusto for your payroll needs, now’s the time. Even if you don’t need their services, we highly recommend passing the word to other business owners. In a world where many companies talk, Gusto walks the walk.

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