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Why We’re All About Gusto: A Payroll Solution That Stands By Small Businesses

At first glance, Gusto is a user-friendly, feature-rich payroll platform favorite among small businesses. But when the going gets tough, as during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gusto stepped up in ways that genuinely impressed us. Here’s why our love for Gusto has deepened, and we think it’s an invaluable resource for small businesses. Quick Adaptation and...

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Cool Tools – Gusto’s “simple” time tracking

Introducing Gusto: Your One-Stop Payroll Solution! At Zumifi, we understand the importance of efficient payroll processing, and we’ve seen many of our clients reap the benefits of using Gusto. One of its stellar features recently garnered attention is “simple time tracking.” Beyond just payroll, employees can seamlessly report their time on Gusto, which managers can...

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